First impressions are lasting impressions and your logo should immediately speak to your prospects.

It can be whimsical, abstract or very simple, but should express your business at first glance.
We’ll talk with you about your ideas, make suggestions and offer samples until you’re happy with the concept.


Website design and function can be tricky – you want to tell your story – to project trust, knowledge and customer satisfaction. It also has to work intuitively so visitors will walk through your site, seamlessly.

That’s where we come in.

Research is started on the internet. Whether you’re selling a service; goods; or blogging about your cat, you need to make the best possible first impression.


Using traditional marketing pieces have changed with the internet. White paper? Snail mail? Sure, some of these old methods still work but you need to have a mix in your marketing plan.

Having online brochures saves time, money and the environment. Online ads are clickable back to your site where you’re getting real time results of what works and which ads convert to sales.


An instructional or introductory video on your website will bring your visitors into your world quickly.

We can help write the script and storyboard the contents and bring a sense of ease into the process. We’ll then shoot and edit the video and add graphics to make the video deliver your message in a quick and precise format.

Boomer Productions is a full-service marketing company ready to help you build your business.